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Response on DNDBeyond January 13, 2023

Jan 13, 2023 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: ogl

Well, we got a response, on a Friday. It’s kind of underwhelming, and I suspect contains some statements that simply aren’t true. The portion about “always” intending to get feedback on the OGL doesn’t ring true considering the allegations that the OGL 1.1 was presented to various third parties along with a written contract to approve the OGL 1.1. Read on for more…

This OGL debacle is awful

Jan 09, 2023 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: ogl

I feel like I needed to write a post about this whole OGL kerfluffle going on. First, while I’m a licensed lawyer in Texas and Michigan, I am not an intellectual property lawyer. I know some large concepts but I do not have the experience on the edges and nuances of it, so everything I write in here could be wrong. Also, everything stated in here regarding the actions of Wizards of the Coast (“WOTC”) / Hasbro should be interpreted as if there were an “allegedly” appended in front of it. Whether I use or don’t use “allegedly” or a variation thereof below, just assume in intended allegedly.

Pathfinder 2E Rules Primer

Feb 22, 2022 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: pf2 primer rules

This post is intended as a quick primer on Pathfinder 2E; it is by no means an exhaustive list nor a substitute for reading the actual rules; but, it discusses many of the main differences with other TTRPG systems.

RPG Cutscenes: Keep them short!

Oct 12, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: systemagnostic cutscenes

I want to talk about cutscenes as used in your tabletop games. This applies equally to Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Cypher system games, FATE, Cthulhu, and so on. My examples may have a fantasy bent, but the principles may apply to any game.

New Pathfinder 2E Books Announced

May 29, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: pf2

PaizoCon 2021 released and teased several upcoming Pathfinder 2E products, all of which have me excited!

We have a wiki!

May 28, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs announcements Tags: tools wiki worldbuilding

We have a wiki! It was just spun up so be patient with us. The goal is to create a community-friendly system-agnostic setting for table-top games.

The end of a campaign

May 28, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: 5e tiamat

My long-running Tyranny of Dragons game is coming to a close. My 3 PCs, along with some NPC help and some risky deals with a chain devil, were able to defeat Tiamat at full strength with a minor movement penalty, and to banish her back to Avernus. Honors go to Lothar Hammerfist, our life cleric, who tossed Whelm and with a spiritual weapon, both hit Tiamat, bashing her down. Logan Ninefingers, our rogue, also got a fatal jab in with his rapier, slicing open the blue head as he caught onto Whelm returning back to Lothar.

5e Paladins and Smites

Apr 11, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: 5e paladin rules

I have been DMing a 5e campaign for over a year now with a paladin and we’re getting into higher levels where additional smites are taking importance. We had gone back and forth on the smite rules in game, and for the sake of keeping the game going, I made off-the-cuff (incorrect) rulings and we moved the game forward. I spent some time reading today and had a “d’oh” moment. I was ignoring the casting time, duration, and concentration of the various non-divine smites.

After the 2020 ISU game

Nov 27, 2020 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
football Tags: football longhorns

A football post was long overdue. I remarked to an old friend several times that our defense was pitching a fair game, and that occasionally our offensive series looked like they should the entire season.

RPG Tools 03: Posterazor

Oct 06, 2020 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: tools

Check out our new video tutorial on using Posterazor for making tabletop battlemaps.

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