Hi all. I don’t know if anyone’s ever going to read a single article for a while; and that’s ok. I have a history of slapping a blog online and then letting it languish after a month or two. No promises I won’t continue my trend; but, I’m going to try to keep this up for a least from now through the end of 2018.

I’m starting this blog for a few reasons:

To keep an organized place for thoughts on gaming, particularly table-top role-playing games; to keep an organized list of trading thoughts, and to vent about my Texas Longhorns.

Football posts will likely make up the most of the blog during football season; however, I don’t intend to be a replacement for any of the more professional sites out there.

Trading posts will likely be sporadic; I tend to trade only when I see good opportunities. If I’m not posting on trading, I’m likely not trading too actively at the moment.

I’ll likely mostly post on RPGs and gaming-related topics as that’s a year-round hobby of mine.


On the RPG side, I’m primarily a Pathfinder Second Edition fan but have a lot of experience with 5E as well. I also GM several games currently. I’ll probably talk about GM’ing as well as some longer form posts about games I’m in or running. I also like drawing maps, although I’m not very good at it.


I swing trade Forex and equities and I may use this blog as a trade journal and/or a place to keep a journal of my thoughts on the markets. I’m primarily a technical price-action trader, so don’t expect too many macro-economic posts.


On the Longhorns side, I’m a Texas alum that attended from 2001-2004. I never saw an OU win while a student; but, I did see the amazing Vince Young comeback against Oklahoma State in 2004, where the Longhorns were down 35-7 at home. I traveled to the USC game with $1,000 in my pocket and couldn’t get in the stadium; but, ended up watching the game at a tailgate. I also ended up on the bottom of a dog pile when Vince crossed the goal line. I think the 2008 Longhorn team that was foiled by Michael Crabtree was one of our best ever; and standing in the endzone as an island of burnt orange with my best friend, surrounded by ‘Bama fans at the 2009 Championship game seeing Colt get knocked out of the game was heartbreaking.

I love this team yet I’m usually critical of the coaches, Mack Brown included. I didn’t think Charlie Strong was the right hire, and I didn’t think that Tom Herman was the right hire either. I’m more optimistic about Sarkisian than either Strong or Herman; but, we’ve already dropped 2 games in our 2021 campaign.

I hope that if you do read this, you take something of value away from it, whether it entertains, sparks an idea for you, or otherwise stimulates your noggin.

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