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The end of a campaign

May 28, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: 5e tiamat

My long-running Tyranny of Dragons game is coming to a close. My 3 PCs, along with some NPC help and some risky deals with a chain devil, were able to defeat Tiamat at full strength with a minor movement penalty, and to banish her back to Avernus. Honors go to Lothar Hammerfist, our life cleric, who tossed Whelm and with a spiritual weapon, both hit Tiamat, bashing her down. Logan Ninefingers, our rogue, also got a fatal jab in with his rapier, slicing open the blue head as he caught onto Whelm returning back to Lothar.

5e Paladins and Smites

Apr 11, 2021 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
rpgs Tags: 5e paladin rules

I have been DMing a 5e campaign for over a year now with a paladin and we’re getting into higher levels where additional smites are taking importance. We had gone back and forth on the smite rules in game, and for the sake of keeping the game going, I made off-the-cuff (incorrect) rulings and we moved the game forward. I spent some time reading today and had a “d’oh” moment. I was ignoring the casting time, duration, and concentration of the various non-divine smites.

After the 2020 ISU game

Nov 27, 2020 by [ "James R. Miller" ]
football Tags: football longhorns

A football post was long overdue. I remarked to an old friend several times that our defense was pitching a fair game, and that occasionally our offensive series looked like they should the entire season.

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